Frequent questions

About reservations

Is it necessary to book on the web?

Making the reservation online is not mandatory but it is highly recommended if you want to guarantee the availability of your vehicle. If you come without a reservation, on some occasions it is likely that the bike or scooter you wanted to rent is not available at that time.

For this reason, we encourage you to calmly look at all our vehicles on the web and make the reservation in advance. It is very easy and fast!

Do I have to pay to book online?

To make the reservation online, you will have to use a payment card to fully pay for the service. Remember that your data will always be 100% protected and encrypted.

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

To cancel or modify a reservation you have to notify 24 working hours in advance . Otherwise, you will lose it and you will have no option to return it.
Scooter House reserves the right to make a return or offer an alternative solution in exceptional cases.

You can contact us through:
WhatsApp : +34 653 4138 23
Telephone : +34 930 10 99 38
Email :



If you have canceled the reservation within the stipulated period, we will refund you directly to the card you used to make the payment. Returns can take up to 5-10 business days for you to see it reflected in your account.

About the rent

What is the deposit?

The deposit is an additional amount that you have to leave us prior to renting your vehicle as a guarantee that you will return it in the same conditions in which you find it. You must leave a deposit for each vehicle that is rented.

The amount varies according to the type of vehicle. In most scooters and bicycles it is € 100 and in motorcycles € 300 or more .

The deposit can be paid in cash or by card and it will be returned in the same form of payment once the service is finished.


In which cases is the deposit not returned?

The deposit is not returned in case of:

  • Vehicle breaks, collisions, scratches
  • Loss or theft
  • Misuse or prohibited circulation
  • Fines and penalties
Minimum age to rent
  • In the rental of bicycles (not electric) there is no minimum age since we have all kinds of models for all ages.
  • In renting bicycles and electric scooters, the minimum age for their use is 16 years old.
  • When renting motorcycles, the user must have the corresponding permit to be able to drive legally.
Can 2 people go in the same vehicle?
  • When renting bicycles, it is totally forbidden for 2 people to ride the same bike, except for those models that allow it, such as the tandem bicycle or bicycles that can be fitted with a child seat.
  • In renting electric scooters it is totally prohibited and can be the cause of serious fines.
  • In the motorcycle rental, a companion older than 12 years or 7 years can go (in case the driver is the legal guardian)
What is included when I rent a vehicle?

Any rental is included:

  • Safety helmets
  • Liability insurance
  • Necessary equipment
  • Accessories and extras
Do you have insurance?

All vehicles have legal compulsory civil liability insurance to repair or financially compensate the damage caused to an injured third party.

Can it be rented by the day or by long term?

Some of our vehicles allow the rental of several days and even up to a week . In case you need a longer rental, we will adapt without problems.

Can I return my vehicle to another Scooter House store?

Yes, you can return your vehicle to any Scooter House store near you.

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