Rent a Bike in Barcelona

How to hire your bycicle in Barcelona? It’s super easy!


Choose the model and book it online


Pick it up at the store and on the selected date


Explore the city with complete freedom


Return the bike at the indicated time

Urban or Road Bikes Rental

Classic bikes designed to circulate on the streets and roads of the city. Fully equipped with lights, basket and other accessories. Start exploring Barcelona pedaling with one of these bikes!

Rent urban bicycle in Barcelona

Urban or Road Bike

From €3/h


Comfortable and very easy to use

Equipped with everything you need for the city

Hire Bikes in Barcelona

City Bike

From €3/h


Fast and agile

For classic bikes lovers

Wooden bike rental in Barcelona

Wooden Bike

From €3/h

Unique and exclusive bycicle made of wood

Fully eco-friendly

Rent tandem bike in Barcelona

Tandem Bike

From €7/h

For 2 people

Enjoy cycling with whoever you want on the streets

Electric Bikes Rental

Have you ever tried an electric bycicle? If normal bikes are already practical when you try an electric bike, you may not want to use a normal one again. Faster, less need to pedal, and they climb any hill effortlessly. Is your chance to discover them!

Renting electric Fat Bike Barcelona

Electric Fat Bike

From €15/h


Ideal for any type of terrain

22" chunky wheels for full grip

e bike rental Barcelona near to you

Valley Electric Bike

From €10/h


Reach high speeds with hardly any pedaling


Climb any hill

Folding electric bike hire in Barcelona

Trick folding Electric Bike

From €12/h


Light, practical and electric. All in one!

The best option if you want a little confortable e-bike

Mountain bike or MTB Rental

If what you want is a bit more sporty performance, we have mountain bycicletas to rent. Prepared to roll comfortably on any terrain and steep slopes.

Rent a mountain bike MTB in Barcelona

Mountain MTB Bike

From €3/h


Improved brakes and suspensions

The preferred option for cycling enthusiasts

Bikes for children Rental

If you are visiting with your family and have children, these bicycles are perfect for the little ones to accompany you on this fun experience.

Rent infant bike in Barcelona

Infant Bike

From €3/h


For children from 3 to 5 years

Very easy to use

Rent kids bike in Barcelona

Kids Bike

From €3/h


For children from 6 to 12 years old

The model you need to drive safely

Are you visiting and want to discover all the details of the city? For that you need a vehicle and there is no better option than renting a bicycle to get around Barcelona. All kinds of models so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and for very affordable prices.

Why rent a bike in Barcelona?

Most of the people decide to rent a car to move around the city but it is difficult to circulate on its roads. Almost every day, traffic jams occur and in the worst case, they can waste a lot of valuable time that you could be taking advantage of.

Renting our bicycles you can avoid all these setbacks and circulate comfortably while enjoying the charming atmosphere of the streets.
Barcelona has one of the largest bicycle lane networks in Europe that allow you to get anywhere easily.

So bet on moving by bike! Ride in a healthy, fun and ecological way while you discover the wonderful architecture of the Catalan city.

Get around Barcelona with an electric bike
Scooter House bike rental shops in Barcelona

Types of bycicle hire in Barcelona

At Scooter House we have all kinds of rental bikes so that you can decide how you want to visit the neighborhoods of Barcelona:

  • City or road bikes: They are the most common bikes and specially designed for use in the city . With thin and not very bulky wheels to roll perfectly on the asphalt of the streets and equipped with all kinds of accessories to maximize the comfort of your trips.
  • Electric bikes: They are no longer the future! They are, without a doubt, the present of urban bicycles. The use of a small electric motor powered by a battery provides a huge improvement in performance compared to conventional bicycles. Being able to move and climb any hill with hardly any pedaling is fantastic. Renting an electric bike in Barcelona is the best decision you can make!
  • Mountain or MTB bikes: Designed for cycling lovers. Models with a more sporty character and with wheels prepared even for the most difficult terrain.
  • Bicycles for children: If you come as a family and have children, we have adapted bicycles for them. Nothing will prevent you from enjoying your adventure in Barcelona.

How much does it cost and where can you rent bikes in Barcelona?

The price of the bicycle rental will depend on the model and the time you want to choose. Depending on the characteristics, you can rent for hours, days and even for weeks and monthly bikes rental. Hiring a bike in Barcelona is much cheaper than renting any other vehicle. We have bikes from only € 5 / hour!

We have 3 stores located in the heart of the city and the largest fleet of urban vehicles in the city. You can pick up, drop off, change and have assistance in any of them. What is clear is that you will have the best bicycle rental in Barcelona service near you all time.

How you should cycle in Barcelona

  • It is necessary to circulate as a priority on the bike lanes , on the streets with a single platform and public parks.
  • It can only be circulated on sidewalks of more than 5m and has 3m of free space for passage.
  • Children under 12 years of age accompanied by adults may circulate on any sidewalk.
  • In bike lanes located on sidewalks, it will only be possible to circulate at a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

The use of a helmet is mandatory but for that do not worry, we will take care of giving you all the necessary equipment to circulate around the city in a totally safe way.

Barcelona Bike Rentals in the beach

Do not hesitate, rent your Bike in Barcelona and see the famous Sagrada Familia, the Montjuïc mountain, the popular Plaça Catalunya or enjoy a beautiful afternoon cycling near the beach. All these plans can be perfectly done by moving around on a bicycle.

Choose the type of bicycle you want in any of our stores from only €5/h and with all the equipment included. Rent your bike in Barcelona now and start exploring!

Best bike rental in Barcelona guaranteed!

Minimum guaranteed prices

Quick assistance on any problem

If you want a longer rental, we can adapt

We will teach you how to circulate correctly to enjoy the city without risks

Bicycles in perfect condition. We renew them annually

4.8 out of 5 in customer reviews

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