Electric Scooter Rental in Barcelona

How to rent your electric scooter? It’s super easy!


Choose the model and book it online


Pick it up at the store and on the selected date


Explore the city with complete freedom


Return the scooter at the indicated time

Rent Raycool electric scooter

Raycool Slim Electric Scooter

From €12/h


Light and comfortable

Battery life up to 35Km

Rent Raycool Slim electric scooter Barcelona

Raycool Plus Electric Scooter

From €15/h


Go wherever you want

Battery life up to 45Km

Joyor F3 electric scooter rental in Barcelona for days

Joyor F3 Electric Scooter

From €45/day

Rent for days (you keep the scooter in home)

Battery life up to 25Km

Rent electric scooter model Raycool Rental

Raycool rental Electric Scooter

From €25/h


Ideal for any terrain

Battery life up to 45Km

If you travel with a vehicle through the city, you will almost always encounter undesirable traffic jams that will delay you wherever you go. If you want to avoid wasting time and move around enjoying the charm of the streets, hire an electric scooter in Barcelona is your most viable option. Bet on sustainable mobility!

Why rent an electric scooter in Barcelona?

Barcelona is one of the European cities with the most e-scooters users and thanks to its immense network of bike lanes perfectly connected to each other, they allow us to reach any point in the city quickly. Driving a scooter is one of the most fun plans you can do in the city!

Types of electric scooter for rent

In Scooter House, we have light vehicles that offer little power but a lot of versatility. Usually, these scooters of light models are used to drive through busy places since they are very practical and not very bulky. On the other hand, we also offer somewhat heavier vehicles that enjoy more power, increasing the overall quality, such as braking power, comfort, battery type and longer battery life. These types are ideal for long-distance travel. Its use is recommended to move through areas where you can circulate at a higher speed, because they provide more stability at those speeds and a feeling of greater security due to the increased weight.

Renting e-scooters near you in Barcelona

Electric scooter prices in Barcelona

The prices of these vehicles depends on their characteristics. In addition, we can also manage the renting of electric scooters per day or for as long time as you need. The important is that We will help you find the ideal vehicle according to your needs , and at the lowest price guaranteed! We have 3 electric scooters rental shops located in the center of Barcelona and the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the city. You can pick up, drop off, change and have assistance in any of them. What is clear is that you will have the best electric scooter hire service near you at all times.

Electric scooters circulation rules in Barcelona


  • Electric scooters can circulate at a maximum speed of 25 km/h
  • It is necessary to circulate as a priority on the bike lanes , on the streets with a single platform and public parks.
  • Remember that pedestrians always have preference and we must park in designated areas .
  • Drive through zone 30 normally, at an adequate speed. With regard to the parks, we can access without any problem. 

Remember that we must use a helmet and the necessary equipment. But do not worry about that, we will be the ones who will take care of providing you all the equipment to circulate around the city in a totally safe way.

If you are looking for the best experience, a fast and easy to hire service , do not hesitate to rent an electric scooter with us.

It’s time to move around the city in an agile and fun way…


Rent your electric scooter in Barcelona and start exploring! 

Best electric scooter rental in Barcelona guaranteed!

Minimum guaranteed prices

Quick assistance on any problem

If you need a long time rental, we can adapt

We will teach you how to circulate correctly to enjoy the city without risks

Electric scooters in perfect condition. We renew them annually

4.8 out of 5 in customer reviews

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