Motorbikes Rental in Barcelona

How to hire your motorcycle? It’s super easy!


Choose the model and book it online


Pick it up at the store and on the selected date


Explore the city with complete freedom


Return the motorcycle on the indicated date and time

Rent Scooter Sym Symphony 125cc in Barcelona

Sym Symphony 125cc Moto Scooter

From €55/day


Agile and excellent behavior in the city

A1 license or similar

Rent MaxiScooter Yamaha Tmax 500 a2 license in Barcelona

Yamaha Tmax 500 Moto MaxiScooter

From €99/day


Enjoy the real power on a motorcycle

A2, A licenses or similar

If you decide to rent a vehicle in Barcelona, arrive to all the places as quickly as possible and enjoy the city while driving, we definitely recommend renting a motorcycle. Arrive all the emblematic places of the city in a few minutes!

Why rent a motorcycle in Barcelona?

The fact that it is the European city with the most motorcycles users is no coincidence. Due to the Mediterranean climate and its urban core, more than half a million motobikes circulate on the roads. Hiring a motorcycle are all advantages:

✔️ Avoid traffic situations that you could not do with a car. Save time and take advantage of it to enjoy your plans.

✔️ Park easily! There are parking lots for motorcycles on almost every street and thus you will save yourself the stress of looking for an ideal place to park.

✔️ You will enjoy the city in a more intense way while driving.

Who doesn’t feel like riding a motorcycle in a beach town? Do not miss a jet helmet and sunglasses while you go on a route through the city accompanied by the Mediterranean breeze. Rent your motorcycle in Barcelona now!


100% reliable motorbikes hire in Barcelona

Types of motorcycles rental

We have motorcycles of different displacement to choose from. From the classic scooter to powerful motorcycles for the bikers:

Motorcycles 125cc rental

Scooters that most people can drive. They are practical, comfortable and especially agile. They are perfect for the city!

Motorcycle rental with A2 license

For those who have a license to drive large-displacement motorcycles and are looking for more power, we have maxi-scooters of 500cc or more. Excellent services to reach any destination in excess of, be it inside or outside of Barcelona.

For how long can you rent a moto?

Depending on your needs and your plans, you can choose the time that suits you best.

If your intention is to visit several places in one morning or one afternoon, you can rent a moto in for a few hours and return it the same day for a reduced rate.

On the other hand, if your stay is several days and you need a vehicle to move around Barcelona on a daily basis, you can choose to rent motorcycles for days . Even if you need it, we can arrange a monthly or long-term rental. We are totally flexible!


We have motorcycles of recognized brands and with better performance in the city. All motos are periodically checked to ensure maximum reliability.

In addition, in the rental price we include 2 helmets, a trunk and even a mobile support optionally depending on availability.


Rent your motorcycle in Barcelona for as long as you want with all the accessories included and completely tour the city!

Best and cheap scooters rental in Barcelona guaranteed!

Minimum guaranteed prices

Quick assistance on any problem

If you need a long time rental, we can adapt

We will teach you how to circulate correctly to enjoy the city without risks

Motorbikes for hire in perfect condition. We renew them annually

4.8 out of 5 in customer reviews

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